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CD/DVD Burning from Konqueror

The Konqueror CD writing sidebar lets you use your CD/DVD burner from the konqueror sidebar. K3b provides most of the backend.

13th August 2006

Version 1.0 is available from the sourceforge downloads page. This includes numerous bigfixes and significantly a file change monitor so changes to files in the burn:/ folder will appear instantly in konqueror.

Please note this version is compatible only with K3b 0.12.x - this is the version you will find in most distributions so it shouldn't be a problem but note that the recently release K3b 1.0 preview is not yet supported.

UPDATED: 15th August 2006 - The files just uploaded to Sourceforge now contain a Slovak translation with thanks to Jozef Riha

21st April 2006 - Translations

Thanks to Tomil Grabowski and Rinse de Vries there are now Polish and Dutch translations. A patch can be downloaded from Sourceforge. Please see the release notes for instructions on using this patch.

18th April 2006 - Version 0.9 released

This release adds support for DVD burning and allows you to burn a folder by dragging it from a Konqueror window to the CD writer icon in the sidebar. Compilation issues with K3b > 0.12.14 are also fixed. Head over to Sourceforge to download.

10th Jan 2006

The project has been transferred to SourceForge. You can now access project downloads, the project bug tracker and the cvs repository from the SourceForge project page. Version 0.8.1 is available from the SourceForge page.

3rd January 2006

Some known issues with version 0.8 that have cropped up (sorry there was always bound to be problems after I made quite drastic changes):

Some people have reported problems getting the sidebar tab to appear. Hopefully this is fixed in the slightly modified version of burn 0.8 that I uploaded today. Install this file and you should be able to find the "CD Writer" tab available in the sidebar's "add" menu. If not choosing "Rollback to system defaults" after you have installed burn seems to work.

Deleting folders in burn:/ doesn't work properly. For me, the Data CD display doesn't update it's size readout when you delete a folder, and some have reported that the folder doesn't disappear from the konqueror window. I've also experienced problems when moving folders to trash with a message that says something along the lines of "protocol trash doesn't support operation". You can get round this last one by selecting the folder then using shift+delete to delete it without moving it to trash.

Sorry about these issues, I will try and fix them soon, but I'm quite busy revising for some exams just at the moment.

21st December 2005

Version 0.8 is now available. This is a major rewrite since 0.7 which relies primarily on the K3b libraries to work. It should work so long as you have version 0.12.x of the K3b libraries. Unfortunately it is not very polished at the moment but I thought I should release this version so anyone interested can try it out. Version 0.8 uses a substantially different interface to version 0.7, see my quick start guide. Oh, and DVD burning is not supported in 0.8, will fix this as soon as I replace my broken DVD burner.

2nd December 2005 - KDE3.5 and K3b 0.12

A couple of people have emailed to say kio_burn does not work properly with the new KDE 3.5 release. This is due to a change in the audio libraries provided by KDE. Unfortunately I don't have time to compile KDE 3.5 myself just at the moment so I'm waiting for it to filter through the Debian unstable so I can test it. I will try and make an update if feasible to work with KDE 3.5. You may also notice that kio_burn does not detect the K3b libraries if you have version 0.12. It should still compile if you have K3b 0.12 but the device detection will not be as good. Again, I will try and make an update soon to fix this, for the moment it should be possible to install K3b 0.11 libraries alongside 0.12 if you need to.

I'm currently working on a rewrite of kio_burn primarily using the K3b libraries (0.12) as a backend. I should have an early version of this posted in a couple of weeks.